Best Life Founder Brandon Holt

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Brandon Holt, Founder of Best Life - Life Coaching

Brandon will admit he gets bored easily as evidenced by his colorful entrepreneurial work history. From car sales to fishing in Alaska and leading a youth group to owning a small print shop to starting and selling a very successful transportation logistics company, his work has always been driven by his passion.  

His longest stint has been 18 years in the transportation industry and has looked very different across the years.  All of his experiences, combined with a heart to serve, has led him to this place of serving others through Best Life. Here is a snapshot with highlights of his journey:

Beer and Bandaids:  He had fun and sold his socks off with route sales for Miller Brewing Company and 3rd generation family owned uniform company.  While on route he would cross-sell first aid and safety supplies to manufacturers by just being friendly and talking and listening to people to understand their needs.  

Trucking and Traveling:  To get out of debt he went on the road with his wife for a year and lived out of a truck. It was a great way to see the country and connect as a couple.  It taught him to have a true appreciation for the tough conditions and circumstances drivers and carriers often face.  

From Agent to Business Owner:  Brandon went from casually helping a friend in the business and having an employee mindset to being a business owner and building a 3 million dollar agency and then becoming a 10 million dollar logistics company.  Learning the cash flow game and being accountable for the well-being of 17 employees and 17 owner-operators was a lot, but it was rewarding and he was able to create a family feel for the business that helped with the success of the business.  In 2012 he sold his share to move on to see what else life might have to offer. 

Back in the Game and Loving It:  After enjoying some "retirement" time, and starting Best Life - Life Coaching, Brandon is back in the transportation game and loving it.  He will admit it has been challenging to start from scratch - to win back old clients and gain new ones.  He’s finding the right partners, alliances and friends and are building great things together! One of those great partners is Bennett Motor Express.  Learn more about them. 

Let Brandon use his passions, gifts and experiences to help you succeed on your selected path. 



Meet Coach Ron

From Sales to Softball - Coaching is in his DNA

Coach Ron was born to help others shine.  Whether on the baseball field or in the office coaching sales, his joy comes from helping people refine their talents and optimize their success. Ron’s approach is no-nonsense, practical, direct but supportive with results. His keen listening and observing is paramount to helping others remove barriers for their success.